Beautiful, functional, and oh so cool.

These Bombwatcher Surfboard Chairs by Designer, Craftsman and Surfer Clinton Underwood are popping up in homes and businesses around the globe.

All handcrafted from White Oak and Western Red Cedar, woods chosen for their outstanding ability to stand up to the elements and last,while providingthat classic look of asingle fin longboard surfboard.

Two Design options:

The Bombwatcher Classic - Non-folding, 2 piece construction, seat slides out for easy storage. Perfectanywhere from high traffic areasto deserted islands. These high quality pieces are art for everyday use.

The Bombwatcher Legend Folding Surfboard Chair -Their signature piece.Exclusive and Innovative Slide & Fold design allows these chairs to fold into the shape of a surfboard, making them easy to carry, store, and display. Seat locks when folded shut. Please Note: The Bombwatcher Legend Folding Surfboard Chairs are NOT recommended for high traffic areas. They require that the users have a good understanding of how the chairs are designed and operated.**

- Each Bombwatcher Surfboard Chairis a one of a kind. Its grains & natural imperfections giving each its character.

- Each comes signed & numbered, with a hand wood burned Bombwatcher logo.

- Outdoor yacht varnish finish.

- Approximately 5 feet tall, 6 feet when folded shut( Legend only)

- Landsurfing only.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

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$650 · Bombwatcher Surfboard Chairs by Surf Life Designs

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