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  2. Erin Emily Wheeler @Threnody

    My biggest beef with this is really just the fact I know that the words "crumpled city map" had to be printed onto uncrumpled paper.... which was later crumpled...but that somehow makes it worse, like it's not even pretending to be authentically crumpled tr

  3. Erin Emily Wheeler @Threnody

    This is how their webpage pitches the crumple: "How many times have you driven yourself mad trying to fold a map along the original creases? How many times have you been tempted to screw it into a ball and stuff it in your pocket or bag?". Dude! How hard is if to fold a map?! If folding a Map makes you lose it like that, where you just crumple it up and stuff it somewhere -- you have some major anger-management issues.

  4. Katharine LeeHong @psycat

    I don't know why everyone is losing their nuts over this: its concept is actually pretty cool. It's not made straight out of paper but a material that is waterproof and resistent to wear. Its design means that it can be stored anywhere without worry of it being ruined. I wouldn't spend $70 dollars on it, since GPS is generally more reliable. What you're paying for is the portable, no worries, piece of art/map that it is. Stop freaking the hell out.

  5. Aly SM @amossyrock

    ^^ it's more about the concept rather than the functional use of this. Also, from what I can see there is no labeling anyway so it really is just art.

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Crumpled City Maps

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