A fully automatic, motor driven door that opens completely under its own power. The door is activated by an ultrasonic pet collar. Features an attractive, translucent Lexan door panel that quickly and quietly powers upward, disappearing into the slim, stylish housing.

- Automatic, dead bolt locking feature that guards against would-be intruders. Only the coded signal from your pet's collar will open the door.

- Has a directional sensing system that operates a motor drive, fully automatic panel--opening only when your pet is on a direct approach, not just when wandering by or when sitting or sleeping next to the door.

- Operates on a standard AC wall adapter with a 6 ft cord (included)

- Has four access modes: in only, out only, in and out or closed and locked.

- Manual open/close buttons.

- Automatic battery power monitoring.

- The dual range controls allow you to adjust separate activation distances for inside and outside your home.

- Comes with one thin and lightweight battery-powered ultrasonic collar. Each collar uses one type 2430 lithium battery (included). The one size collar fits any size pet from kitten to St. Bernard.

- Operates on the safe principle of gravity closure with an automatic safety retraction system to provide an extra level of safety by causing the lightweight panel to instantly retract if it encounters an obstruction during closure.

Medium door opening is 8 1/4"W x 10"H; with the overall size of the unit being 12"W x 28 5/8"h. For dogs up to 30 pounds.

Large door opening is 12 1/4"W x 16"H; with the overall size of the unit being 16"W x 40 5/8"H. For dogs up too 100 pounds.

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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$350 · Electronic Pet Door

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