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  2. Ameer Saad @ameers

    Love it

  3. arch moaaz @archmoaaz


  4. Chim Richels @kennethnoisewater

    It doesn't have a screw down crown so its not designed to be highly water resistant...not a "shame" just the type of watch. You need water resistance buy a watch that's meant for that like a divers watch. Also, its not "radar" (wtf) its the glow of the superluminova paint at a 3 second photo exposure. Stunning lack of knowledge about quality timepieces here on Fancy...there are nice things beyond iPhone cases....

  5. Tim Holzbauer @vforvintage

    Who would buy a watch without knowing size, work, waterproofness?

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Steinhart Nav B II B-Type Pilot Watch

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