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  2. Jason Olsen @jasonolsen206

    SeaTown, Kerry Park... And back down

  3. maher dahdouh @PasChat

    Miniature can do great time lapse ... Dunno about camera +

  4. mike @carn555

    Hello everyone! I am the designer of the ClearShot! I am so happy that you all seem to love the product. Our Kickstarter campaign is now LIVE. The App you see above is correctly identified several times: Camera+. It is wonderful. I use iTimeLapse as well. We need community support, so please share the link with those who would like to help this product be a reality! It can be found at You can also visit us at for more info, and some great photo examples of what you can do with it. Cheers! -Mike

  5. Ahmet Seyhan @mondeo


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ClearShot Card Tripod

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