Inspired by architectural styling, the EDGE aquarium by Hagen, a 3-dimensional water cube, provides a unique visual effect capturing emotion and serenity within a contemporary setting.

The Fluval Edge lighting and filtration systems are hidden beneath the removable cover for a clean presentation.

21 powerful, LED lights provide bright, clear and brilliant illumination. This brilliant illumination creates beautiful "shimmer" effects and allows you to furnish the tank with live aquatic plants if desired. LED bulbs rarely need to be replaced and cost five times less to run than a standard halogen bulb.

Sealed glass top provides high definition viewing and reduces evaporation for less maintenance.

Removable cover for easy aquarium and filter access.

Overhead ventilation grill dissipates lamp heat and avoids moisture.

Powerful easy to use EDGE filter with 3 stage filtration to ensure clear water and a healthy environment.

Hidden 3-stage AquaClear power filter provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to ensure a healthy aquatic environment. The floating base design imparts a truly distinct, cantilevered look to complement your decor.

The Fluval Edge Aquarium comes with lighting, filter and filter media, tap water conditioner, 30 ml Nutrafin Aqua Plus, and 30 ml Nutrafin cycle biological conditioner to get your aquarium started right!

- Filtration: 100 gph 3-stage mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.
- Lighting: 20W (2-10W halogen bulbs) halogen light system.
- Capacity: 6 gallons.
- Dimensions (including Canopy): 16.9" x 13.7" x 14.3" high.
- The Fluval Edge aquarium measures 16.9" x 10.2" x 8.8" high.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.
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$150 · Fluval Edge Aquarium Set by Hagen

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