1. Christen da Costa @mrgoodstuff

    The unique aluminum sliding shutter not only helps to protect your screen, but has a built in microfiber material that assists in removing finger marks and dust.

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  2. Sohrab @sohrobo

    So sick!!!!!

  3. Tim Rezgalla @timorez

    Dropped S3 & plastic piece of crap & my 4s fell of my bike(case mounted to bars) skidded & flipped up the road & just a cpl of scuff marks on bezel=apple win Samsung fail...s3 needs cases like this,iPhones don't!

  4. Wesley Kater @wesk0601

    Sorry but this is case is fugly. Never gonna do this to my iphone!

  5. Lee Shirley Martin @silkcat08

    I would love it, just once, if someone would come up with an idea that is for the Android or anything other than iPhone or iPad! The iPhone is a piece of junk and the Android system works a lot better and before you lose your wig, yes I do know from personal experience. Back to the matter at hand. I like the concept but it is just another case and if someone wanted to steal your phone or use it a lock would not stop them from getting into it. Just saying doveslovez. A case is a case is a case. This will all come down to personal taste and I for one don't mind putting a plastic coating over my screen and cleaning it the old fashioned way. Not my cup of tea and I would save my money.

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Sliding Shutter iPhone Case by TopKase

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