Born to Run: Athletes of the IditarodBy Albert Lewis.

Its a familiar image, a husky-mix mutt clipped to a line of dogs surging through snow along the Iditarod trail. So much so that it can be easy to forget that each team is made up of individual dogs, bred and trained to perform at the pinnacle of canine ability.

Albert Lewis, a professional photographer and dog-lover, was skeptical of the race when he first moved to Alaska, but an experience at the Iditarod starting line changed his mind permanently. Determined to show the world the heart and soul of athletes that run thousands of miles, he took his camera and set out to forever change the image of sled dogs.

In Born to Run, Lewis stops the dogs long enough to spotlight them as individuals, letting their personalities shine through. Lewis fully draws on his experience as a fashion photographer, capturing unique moments of stunning beauty and stoic grace, emphasizing their athleticism even while standing still.

Additional photos show the dogs interacting with their mushers during care and training. The full-page photos are so finely detailed that readers will find themselves nearly reaching out to stroke the dogs through the pages. Accompanied by just enough text to provide each dogs name, age, and trail miles, the photos are left to speak for themselves.

The hundred of thousands of Iditarod fans across the globe have made the race a historic event, and any race fan will be drawn to this book. And for all dog fans, the unforgettable images will command attention and remind them why humans have spent thousands of years in the company of dogs.


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