Pepelkus outdoor cigarette receptacle can be mounted on any street pole, won’t be mistaken for a regular garbage container and empties easily.

This second version of Pepelkus boasts an improved grill: the holes are now circles which makes the cigarette butts drop down easier and prevents them from accumulating on top.

Pepelkus is made out of sheet metal and doesn’t call for a particular thickness—leaving you some freedom—as long as the construction is strong enough to withstand the elements.

The assembly method is also varied: choose spot-welding or rivets. Pepelkus mounts to poles with standard screw clamps.

Pepelkus 2.0 has an improved layout: the back side became more technologically advanced and practical to manufacture.

The receptacle is mostly enclosed to ensure any still-lit cigarette butts will stop burning due to oxygen deprivation.

At the bottom of Pepelkus is a magnetic trap door that can be easily opened to empty the container’s contents into a trash bag or bucket.

Weight: 700 g

Receptacle dimensions: 33,5 × 7,5 × 7 cm (13,1 ×3 ×2,7 in)

Packaging dimensions: 34,5 × 8,2 × 9,4 cm (13,6 ×3,2 × 3,7 in)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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  • December 8, 2015 - December 15, 2015
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    this should be everywhere

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$45 · Pepelkus 2.0 Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle

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