The EVA Magneto Knife Holder is a compact solution to storing up to 8 kitchen knives. Knives are magneticially held at a slant facing the wall, reducing space requirements and providing a measure of protection for the edge. Stainless steel and engineering resins are professional quality and easily wipe clean. Eva Trio comprises high-quality cookware and kitchen utensils. They reflect a harmony of elegant, timeless design, innovative materials, and straight forward functionality. Eva Trio products are truly design classics you will be proud to show in your kitchen. Don’t be deceived though by their beauty, these products are constructed to professional quality standards and will last in daily use. You will find them scratch resistant, heat resistant, easily cleaned, and protective of your other cookware, bakeware and serving pieces. Eva Trio represents exceptional Danish attention to detail for all kitchen products for your home.

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  2. ami @npps

    They look like they're gona fall down!!

  3. Toni Keenan @apollooj

    Cute nice

  4. madeline whitten @fancymaddie

    someone can cut there self if it drop it a no

  5. danielle swain @dani103

    what if one just drooped on your toe that would be bad:(

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$100 · Steel Magneto Knife Holder

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