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  2. Tony Lamar @Tony10k

    Price ouch!

  3. Nitin Arv @nitinarv

    would love this

  4. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    A 'Gentlemans' shaver, ahh! Classy product, 'good' quality, distinctive in appearance thus a rather distinct & fine accoutrement for any mans bath decor = can't be beat! Ladies will see U as more 'manly' indeed! Mach vs. this? No comparison! This shaver beats a Mach in some aspects, but then in other aspects a Mach (depends on type) beats this shaver. Know U'r hairtype, best decision basis! Coarse hair = worth buying. Fine hair = potential waste of hard-earned dollars!

  5. Metin Kandemir Ahşap oyma ve degişik Hobiler & Holz schnitzer und Verschiedene Hobbi @metinkandemir710

    Artık beceremiyorum Ustura Bıçagıyla. Yaşlanmışım ?

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Square Point Straight Razor by Hart Steel

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