Try this Wice Wine Chiller in all black!

The holder contains a liquid which, once frozen, acts as a refrigerating element. The particular shape of the housing guarantees adequate thermal exchange between the bottle and the holder.

The dimensions of the housing allow WICE® to be used with all bottles smaller than 105 mm in diameter and therefore in practice all bottles up to 1000 ml and some 1500 ml bottles.

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  • December 22, 2015 - January 1, 2016
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  2. Josh Vazquez @Josh5803

    This looks slick, I bet if I pull this out at a dinner party, peeps will be talking about it.

  3. roxanne gonzalez @roxyng22


  4. Szymon Aleksander Opoczy?ski @szymonopo

    amazing. gotta buy it

  5. Jessica Molly Elizabeth @jessie_me


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$120 · Wice Wine Chiller

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