Kryolan Fluorescent Lipstick glow brilliantly under black light and is designed for black light makeup effects.

Can be used on the hair or skin for fine detail body artwork.

Applies easily to lips and skin.

Bright orange in regular light; bright neon orange under blacklight.

Full sized tube.

Completely safe and non toxic.

For blacklight special effects only.

Please allow 3-7 days for delivery.

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  • February 18, 2016 - February 22, 2016
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  1. Mic @fireandcandy

    Check out this awesome Lipstick! Follow me @FireandCandy for more great finds, if you fancy(;

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  2. 鈴木茉優 @mayukaJapanese

  3. Georgia Fluyd @geelamfluyd

    Got some: careful with the texture, the paste is very easily breakable. However, the Black-Light effect does work so then I recommend but to be used carefully.

  4. Rose Aimee @paintingmered

    Just a suggestion if it breaks easily, if you take a small lipgloss jar (available at Walmart) and melt it in the jar via microwave. You can take a small makeup brush and use that to apply it. I've done that several times to my lipsticks if they break.

  5. Amanda Waggoner @waggoner34

    What does it basic on lipstick or Nails

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$10 · Fluorescent Black Light Lipstick

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