75% Off One Week Only! Ready for a truly revolutionary brain teaser? Buckle up, because we've got one - the App Cube Puzzle! This mind-bending 3x3 cube puzzle ups the ante, forcing you to make sure all faces of the cube match and that each app icon on each face is facing in the same direction! With literally millions of configurations, it's safe to say this puzzle will keep you occupied for a while. All of the apps on the puzzle are instantly recognizable smartphone favorites, too, so the App Cube Puzzle can also function as a fun, tech-friendly desk ornament at home or in the office. Rack your brain with this confounding puzzle whenever you have free time, and look forward to the incredible feeling of accomplishment you'll get when you actually prove mastery of the App Cube Puzzle! App Cube Puzzle Show More Show Less

$6 · App Cube Puzzle

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