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  2. Amy B @ajp101

    Won't keep them safe from my hubby.

  3. Wendy Johnson @wlj1968

    country feeling

  4. Amy @sunflowerbox5

    It's cute but for $86.00 I can make about a half dozen of these...more with free barn-wood!

  5. Deb Bradford @Ginky1959

    Back in the day, especially in the South, the purpose of a "pie safe" was to provide an area in which food (not just pies) would be protected ("safe") from the contamination of flies. Obviously, the purpose of this piece, with screening that any self-respecting fly could easily find their way into, is decorative, rather than functional. I am drawn to the nostalgia of this piece though, brings back memories of simpler days, & of my great-grandma, who indeed used an (authentic & functional) pie safe. The good Lord & the land provided all we needed, my grandma would always say, when putting a meal on the table, "Well, it ain't much, but there's plenty of what there is..." Thankful for these memories...

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Wooden Pie Safe

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