Audiophiles no longer have to tether themselves to their home rig for pure sonic bliss. Get the Sennheiser IE 800 headphones and get going without leaving behind the comforts of uncompromised sound quality. Youll enjoy rich detail and a smooth tonal balance with these remarkably small in-ears. Their unique design represents a breakthrough for in-ear headphones.

Rather than the multiple armature drivers typically used to drive high-end earphones, the IE 800 uses Sennheisers specially developed 7mm extra wide band dynamic drivers. These tiny full-range transducers are able to cover a wide frequency range with incredible clarity in an extremely compact enclosure thats easy to drive with a portable music player. So load up on lossless files and take your tunes with you, without leaving any of the musical details behind.

The drivers arent the only unique design feature of the IE 800. Check out the dual vented enclosures, which direct airflow away from the diaphragm and out the earpieces for clear, open sound. This reduces distortion to a negligible level, so you hear every pristine plink of the piano or sizzle of the cymbal. Sennheisers patented dual-chamber absorber further enhances bass detail by preventing loud low-frequency sounds from drowning out the more subtle ones. So not only do the IE 800s deliver deep bass response, but more nuanced bass as well.

These certainly arent your typical in-ear headphones, in design, sound, or construction. The IE 800s scratch-resistant ceramic housing provides the durability you would expect from headphones built with so much care. Two protective meshes protect the IE 800s inner workings from outside contaminants, and the included cleaning tool lets you keep the mesh dirt-free for many years of listening enjoyment.

Youll need just the right fit to maximize your enjoyment of the finely-tuned IE 800. Sennheiser includes five pairs of silicon ear tips three round and two oval so the earpieces are certain to fit your ear size and shape comfortably and securely. The correct-sized ear tips also provide effective noise isolation, so less music escapes your ears while reducing exposure to outside noise. Most importantly, they ensure optimum sound quality, so you can hear all the details of your music everywhere you go with these highly portable, highly revealing headphones.


- 7mm dynamic drivers produce natural, full range sound in a tiny enclosure
- scratch-resistant ceramic housing
- earpiece vents to manage airflow and reduce distortion
- 2 protective meshes to keep out dirt and dust
- 47-inch oxygen-free copper cable
- 5 pairs of silicon ear tips (2 oval, 3 round) for optimum comfort and noise isolation
- leather carrying case
- cleaning tool
- total harmonic distortion: less than 0.06% at 1 kHz/94 dB
- frequency response: 8-41,000Hz (-3 dB)
- sensitivity: 103 dB
- impedance: 16 ohms
- weight: 0.28 oz. (without cable)

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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$800 · Sennheiser IE 800 Headphones

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