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  2. ROHIT FERREIRA @papapaunch

    My brand new pair of sunglasses are by far one of the best pair i have ever owned. Thank you Firmoo! Firmoo is now offering free eyewear for any first time buyer...believe me you don’t want to miss this opportunity to bag yourself a sweet pair of shades! I got myself these full frame wrap around ones. and i am so impressed by the quality of the glasses as well as the service at Firmoo. It took approximately a week for these babies to reach home... and once they did i never left home without them!...Of course besides this pair Firmoo has a great selection to pick form! DONT MISS OUT ON THIS!!!

  3. ROHIT FERREIRA @papapaunch

    ENJOY :)

  4. ROHIT FERREIRA @papapaunch

    oh and Firmoo is also on The Fancy...track them down and get yourself your pair :) cheers!

  5. ROHIT FERREIRA @papapaunch

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super sweet sunglasses! from Firmoo:)

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