Simple. But with all the features you need for a spare phone.

Freed from the need of power outlets, you can use the amazing AA battery powered SpareOne anywhere within range of a GSM cell tower. Ships with battery included.

Even without a SIM card, SpareOne has one-button emergency dialing (911 etc.), and can be geo-located in an emergency.

Simple, for all ages. Easy as 1.2.3.

1. Insert your own or a new SIM card

2. Turn on the phone

3. Call

Outstanding Performance with a Single AA Battery

SpareOne is the only cell phone in the world powered by a standard AA battery. This is a technological breakthrough! Smart patented power engineering allows users to take advantage of this widely available an inexpensive battery - A regular AA ! SpareOne wont make you depend on an AC outlet.

A Battery Shelf life of 15 Years*. Talk Time for up to 10 Hours*.

Please allow three-four weeks for shipping.

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$120 · SpareOne Emergency Phone

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