Remote Control Pac Man Racers bring the excitement of the iconic PAC-MAN game to your living room floor.

Now you can control and watch them race each other in real life as they chase each other around your home.

The PAC-MAN and Ghost racers are controlled by two infrared joysticks. Each racer is able to move in six directions up to an indoor range of 5-8m. They are powered by AAA batteries and you have the option of having the instantly recognizable PAC-MAN theme tune accompany your racing or not.

The PAC-MAN and Ghost Racers work best on a flat surface, FREE from obstacles away from direct sunlight which may affect the performance of the infrared LEDs.

Strategically weighted so they are difficult to topple over in motion, the PAC-MAN and Ghost Racers are easily controlled by the simple, ergonomic joysticks.

The officially licensed PAC-MAN and Ghost Racers are a great gift set for all fans of the world famous PAC-MAN game or lovers of Eighties retro.

Each PAC-MAN and Ghost Racer is approximately 8.5cm in height and 7.5cm in width.

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

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$30 · Remote Control Pac Man Racers

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