Elegant suede strap for wrapping with handmade silver pendant.

Hand Stamped silver coin (14 mm diameter) made of 925 Sterling Silver, all items are made of solid silver.

Roughly stitched, super soft suede.


Small: for a wrist of 15 cm circumference
Medium: for a wrist of 16 cm circumference
Large: for a wrist of 17 cm circumference

To determine your size, please a measuring tape tightly around the wrist and read the value. This is your wrist circumference, which they need for the production of the bracelet. Of course, they still expect the same length, so that the strap is loose. Please take measurements allowing no "air."

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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$120 · Blue Suede & Sterling Silver Anchor Bracelet

Fancy 13.6K
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