Serve drinks just like the pros with the Royal VKB Serving Tray, designed by Gijs Bakker to stay balanced and minimize spilling no matter how full or heavy the tray is. This is made possible by the specialized T-handle, which can be easily held with one hand, leaving the other one free to hand out drinks; the tray remains in steady equilibrium.

Made of stainless steel and high-grade plastic

Foldable handle for easy storage

Royal VKB-Todays kitchen is no longer the place where only meals are being prepared, cooked and eaten. It is now the center of the household where the family meets and from where everyone leaves to go to school or to work. At the end of the day as everyone returns home, the kitchen becomes the place to meet, eat and catch up. Royal VKB anticipates this changing social environment with new products in which the consumer can recognize themselves.

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$80 · Serving Tray by Royal VKB

Fancy 6.0K
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