The design of the striking Mini T outdoor fireplace is inspired by the Padella Romana, a distinctive lighting feature used at the entrances of wealthy families during the Roman Empire.

A stunning addition to any outdoor space, the Mini T features a brushed stainless steel base and a solid plinth, made from four toughened glass panels, which encloses the central, elevated flame. The glass surround not only enhances the drama of the fire, but also ensures safety.

This visually attractive fireplace encases a 1.25 gallon stainless steel burner. The fireplace can be turned on and off as desired using an accompanying lid.

The outdoor Mini T Fireplace is a stylish addition to an alfresco party or event at any time of the year. The focus is on bringing the inside out and enjoying alfresco living all year round.

Ideal for garden and swimming pool areas, outdoor dining settings and bars and restaurants. It also makes a great patio fireplace. And as with all EcoSmart Fires, this new alfresco model runs on denatured ethanol, a renewable energy.

Has a fireplace insert which uses 1.25 gallon of denatured ethanol which will last you about 7-20 hrs (depending on flame height adjustment.) Denatured ethanol is a solvent composition derived from agricultural products such as sugarcane, potatoes, bananas, beetroot and wheat. Denatured ethanol ensures a safe and clean burning fire with no smoke at all.

This fireplace will be securely packaged in an easy-to-open wooden crate. Crate disassembles within minutes by using a flat head screwdriver. The fireplace base ships fully assembled. Glass panels and fireplace insert will be packaged separately and will need to be installed on the base by the customer.

Installation may require two people and may take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on skill.

Fireplace measures 18.2"H x 12.9"W x 12.9"D and weighs 76 lbs.

Made of stainless steel and toughened glass.

Burner AB3: 2.5 quarts (2.5L), 6-8 hrs burn time

Thermal Output Net: 6.14 Mj/h. 5800 BTU. 1.7 Kw/h

Heats on Average: over 20m2 or 215 ft2 (indoors)

Vent Free: burns clean on denatured ethanol

Requires no installation or connection

Easy Fill: safe filling mechanism with filling point

Safety: ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, EPA compliant

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Please allow 1 month for shipping.

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$1,675 · EcoSmart Fire Mini T Ventless Outdoor Fireplace

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