The World's smallest and brightest, stick-on LED! Twice as bright as the competition, and the only key light with a replaceable battery, Thumb-Lite gets the job done with the environment close in mind. Whats more, it comes with a life-time warranty.

Thumb-Lites compact design provides an easy way to turn anything into a flashlight.

Whether unlocking a car door, or finding something dropped in the dark, Thumb-Lite is a convenient way to provide extra light when needed.

Unlike other compact lights, Thumb-Lite can be used effortlessly with one hand. Designed to be used the way a person naturally grips an object, Thumb-Lite is easily activated and shines light in the direction the object is pointing.

No tools are required and there is no assembly. Just pull off the adhesive protector and stick it on a key or other object - it's that easy. Because of it's small size and advanced adhesive, Thumb-Lite sticks to any size key.

Long-life alkaline batteries.

Super bright white LED.

Virtually indestructible.

Price includes two key lights.

Please alliow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

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$10 · Thumb-Lite Stick-On LED

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