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    Dude are you serious??? First of all panerai arent what they used to be ever since they moved out of florence and stopped doing the movements totally in house, anonimo now makes their watches in Florence in the old panerai factory and their movements are way superior, ask any watch maker. As for ETA Movement, do you know how many companies use these movements? Tell me tudor make bad watches please? Plus these ETA movements are completely customized, they aren't factory bought and slapped in. Uboat use ETA movements and are a trendy watch that caught attention from Stallone. Anyhow Ennebi

  4. Aaron EventDispatcher James @EventDispatcher

    are hand made and uniquely designed and make limited quantities, and they are always talked about at basel world. But in the end more thought and imagination goes into Ennebi than a uBoat, and that was my point.

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Fondale 44 Watch by Ennebi

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