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  2. Themis =f= aquarius @Wessex

    I want it

  3. UVA Wahoo @mcg7g

    I have the case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It's a great case. It's sleek and tough. My phone has been dropped several times without any damage. Awesome case. I'll probably get another one in a different color.

  4. Cop Guy @nothsanayr

    I've got a white one for my S3. By far the best case I've owned. My case is white and it's been on my phone since I got it a few months ago and the white doesn't appear dirty at all.

  5. David Ellis @snowghost76

    Are the corner bumpers the sticky rubber type? You know the type that pulls your pocket out?

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iPhone 5 Composite Case by Urban Armor Gear

Fancy 6,768
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