Try this version! You've created your own Valhalla in your home. There's your big screen TV, flanked by surround sound speakers. A comfy couch with a fuzzy warm blanket for snuggling. Side tables to hold your popcorn and drinks. And in the corner, your bar, stocked with all your favorite libations.

You have built a godly hall of entertainment. Now you need a godly bottle opener. Are you thirsty enough to wield Mjolnir? The Thor Bottle Opener is the first in a line of Marvel-themed bottle openers being made in 2012. Crafted in solid metal, this 6" bottle opener feels powerful in your hand as you pop open brews for your fellow beer gods.

Product Specifications

Bottle opener is a miniature Thor's hammer

Officially licensed Marvel collectible

First in a series of Marvel-themed bottle openers for 2012

Crafted in solid metal

Drink responsibly, your liver does not possess godly regeneration powers

Dimensions: 6" long

Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.
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$15 · Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

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