1. Seema Hamid @simseema

    The Oxford Boxers from Thom Browne is a pair of extraordinary casual boxers. The boxers features a button fly, elastic waist, pearl buttons and the classic signature Thom Browne branding.

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  2. Derek @Derekd21

    if you pay that much for boxers even if your rich then there is something wrong with you

  3. Court Kinard @ChantzKacey

    Yeah I mean unless you "truly" got it like that...$120 for some boxers is way too much, I mean you'd have to wear'em with the price tag on'em and even then you'd come off as corny and superficial! #JustMyOpinion

  4. Mark Randall Walker @AlliSeekIsTruth

    @ChantzKacey you're not wrong. I agree with you entirely.

  5. Bill3459 @Billscott

    at a 120 dollars Christ you would be scared to have a fart in them

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Oxford Boxers by Thom Browne

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