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  2. Linn Andreassen @nemiimen

    this fish lives in wery smal space in the wild.... in the ricefeelds they prefere smal spares.... before u start to sau something is abousiv think of all the fish in the sea that is stuck in a fisking nett for selvrealisering overs so we can ETA.... this habitat is not to smal but he could have something green plant with him....

  3. Linn Andreassen @nemiimen


  4. Chloe Smith @lolimaballerina

    Obviously its desgined so it doesn't fall. Honestly people these fish are meant to live in strange enviorments. Also if you look closely in the picture you can see where a hole should be to feed the fish. Yes there should be some green plants in there for the fish but other than that the fish would be perfectly safe if that habitat

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