Warning: May induce fits of nostalgia.

It's amazing how many memories come flooding back to us when we look at the classic NES controller. There's a flood of stuff. A FLOOD.

Things we loved: the ever-elusive princess, putting in the cheat code to get to Mike Tyson (even though he'd always TKO us in one punch), getting the Gyromite robot to press the buttons for us, that moment when we found out Samus Aran was a girl (!!), being the go-to girl for accurate and expeditious entry of the Konami code, and most of all, having yet another thing to fight with our siblings about.

Nintendo backpack made of Poly PVC blend with raised applique design. The bag measures 11" X 5" X 20"

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping

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$60 · Nintendo Controller Backpack

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