The Stealth-X is predominantly built of carbon fibre and comprises three main parts. The mono shell, the front ski and the front arm.


The mono shell is made of carbon fibre. It is contour molded to comfortably fit your lower body and has a foam padded seat in the base with a flip up padded back rest. The laid back seating position allows both stability and comfort in steering and leaning. When not in use the back rest folds down, and shoulder straps which are attached to the rear of the sled move from their job as a lap belt to that of a backpack harness. To enhance your safety, a lanyard attaches from the sled to the rider whenever the sled is in use.


The single front ski is made of carbon fibre. The foot pegs are attached to the top of the ski with a runner which can be adjusted forwards and backwards to suit the height of the rider. A great feature of the Stealth-X is the ability for the front ski to be removed and slotted in to the mono shell, so the entire sled can be worn as a backpack, making it ideal for back country exploring.

As well as its performance on the snow, the Stealth-X is aesthetically pleasing and it's sleek carbon fibre shell and fold down capability makes this sled stand out. In October 2012, the Stealth-X took out the silver medal for the Concept/Experimental section in the Best Awards, New Zealand's version of the Oscars for New Zealand industrial design. The award gives further reinforcement to the fact that Snolo know this sled is truly one of a kind.

Sean Boyd/Snolo Innovation Director-"I am the inventor of the Snolo Sleds range of snow vehicles. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention; this was certainly true for me. After coming to terms with the fact that I could not ski or snowboard to a level that would excite me without exposing myself to serious risk of injury, I came up with the idea for the Stealth-X sled. So after spreading myself over many positions in several industries during my working life, I decided to put my skills learnt from the automotive, plastics and metal industries together with my passion for design, invention and business.I spent five years designing, testing and refining prototype sleds in my spare time. I quit my day job to pursue my dream of spreading the thrills and excitement of adult sledding and extreme sledding to others around the world, who like me want some seriously cool fun on the snow."

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$3,000 · Carbon Fiber Sled by Snolo

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