The Geneva Sound XL High Powered All-in-One HiFi is an extremely powerful and beautifully complete stereo in a single wood cabinet with six speakers (8" subwoofers, 5.25" woofers, 1" tweeters) individually powered by 600 (6x100) watt Class D digital amplifiers and EmbracingSound DSP.

Features an iPod/iPhone dock for all iPod models and EmbracingSound DSP microchip to greatly enhance compressed iPod and MP3 files;

CD player with sleek slot loading feature with best-in-class laser for reproducing a full digital file.

An FM radio with digital tuner which is extremely easy to program/preset your favorite stations.

RCA and stereo mini (3.5mm) plugs for all auxiliary audio - e.g., satellite radio, turntable, TV, computer, wireless streamer, MP3 player, Shuffle, and more.

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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$2,300 · Geneva Sound XL High-Powered All-in-One HiFi

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