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  2. Parker Overstreet @parkeroverstreet7

    thats the double penatrator in my country;)

  3. Viktor Kraja @vikkraja

    in my country means fank you :)

  4. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    Miles, but one of my dearest x-friends. A MAN, a 'real' MAN with profound, in-depth spirituality past his time! A man that partook of too many pleasures to point of illness eventually....like many males. We'll always be deprived of his genius talents! "Tutu" (mid-'80's) was one of best and my favorite! This is just making me melancholy so I've got to move on folks!

  5. Dee Amore Taylor @Amore077

    Great artist x

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Tutu by Miles Davis

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