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  2. Suzete-Marina Santos @suniai


  3. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    Aaah! The Vest Dress has been revived! A favorite '80's style that every working woman found to be quite comfortable and now young women of today will be able to feel the same! A staunch Classic! Comfy! Breezy on a warm summer day! Hides figure flaws: tummy, rear, etc. AND 'business' men think its quite attractive and PROFESSIONAL on most figures! Plus easy to dress up for after work hours!

  4. bouda_djamel @pote

    J aime

  5. sofie.f.christensen.1 @sofie_freja

    pulling that vest off takes alot, nicely done!

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Long Vest Dress by Rad Hourani

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