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  2. Bryan Petty @pettybryan

    Originally designed by the Special Forces. This also has snare wire in it. And yeah you could make one but I bet it isn't as "Fancy" as this one. Or has as high quality grade buckles.

  3. Matt Rhoden @mattrhoden902

    I don't think its over priced.first the need to make money.is like to see you make this brac with all the extras in it,as nice looking as this one!

  4. Rob Mevissen @Mevissen

    I've got him. Beautifulf bracelet but a bit too big for me..but hey...it's for a good foundation. I think the medium size bracelet is good enough for almost everybody. I've got the large bracelet and like i said a bit too big. My compliments to this beautiful website www.thefancy.com.

  5. Dhposner @Dpaction

    send it to me!

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Survival Band by RE Factor Tactical

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