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  1. Nick Matarese @nmatares

    originally introduced in 1969

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  2. Lei G. @DrLeiGage

    I get to prove a point to new kids of this tech Generation. Could you imagine If they put this schools for one month and took away all technology. They would lose their flipping mind. But still cool tho.

  3. Ebony @FancyBooktarian

    I love this piece of old fashioned equipment. Typewriters will never die!

  4. Lose Yourself.. @MairelAdames

    yea people use MacBooks and laptop and iPads now but this is very useful u don't even have to buy ink

  5. Natalie Rivera @youalwaysloveshortgirls

    I think typewriters are sooooo adorable!

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Valentine Portable Typewriter by Olivetti

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