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  2. Wilhelmina C. Wasik @katzpawz32

    Same as those cabinet doors without handles. Once you push down on it, it'll pop up enough to lift it.

  3. mike smith @eddyinthespacetimecontinuum

    @katzpawz32 In which case, wouldn't stepping on it set it off? You need something more stealthy. :)

  4. Wilhelmina C. Wasik @katzpawz32

    I know - I wondered about that. Perhaps like in the movies, there is a secret button on the wall somewhere. Or perhaps not just stepping on it, but need to do a little dance? ;-P

  5. steve b @steve802

    This is so cool. Now if only I can get one alil bigger so It can bring me to my bat cave lol jk jk

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Secret Elevator Bookshelf by Machine Project

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