72 Inch Luxury Clear Whirlpool Hot Tub with Stereo and Lights.

The bathtub is designed so that water never remains in the lines of the whirlpool jets or the drain. This prevents bacteria, mold and odor buildup that can be a problem in some jetted bathtub designs.

Features: Set different lighting schemes to match your mood with 7 different LED color schemes to choose from Our touch-sensitive, user friendly interface allows you to easily operate the bathtubs whirlpool jets, inline heater, digital sound system, and Chromatherapy light. Enjoy listening to you favorite radio station or music while you bathe and relax.

15 Jets in total, with 5 back hydro-massage jets, 8 bottom hydro-massage jets and 2 feet hydro-massage jets. 81 Gallon Water Capacity. Pump will not start if water level is inadequate. 6 Types of Massage Modes Available . The fiberglass reinforced MaxLoad high gloss acrylic is stronger and more resilient than the material used by any competitors. The acrylic is scratch resistant and extra-smooth, making it difficult for dirt and bacteria to attach, and easy to clean.

Specifications: Length: 70.875" Width: 32.375" Height: 25.625"

Product Weight: 254 Pounds

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$6,750 · EAGO Luxury Clear Whirlpool Hot Tub

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