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  2. Meir Abukarat @Abukarat


  3. If you have to ask @yesiamadam

    Have the lifeproof iPhone5 case in gray... using it now. In a nutshell, it's the case to end all cases. I could jump out of a plane with it... drop it on the way down... pic it up in an snow bank... ski down the mountain with it... then use my phone while taking a steamy shower in the condo.

  4. Guillermo Prado @DjKitty94

    Just to understand the other comments I read, I assume it's waterproof? I just need to hear a yes or a no to be Forsure that it is before I buy, sorry for the dumb question

  5. danielsfpjr @ohdannyboy25

    Love this case. Its all kinds of proof—including water

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Indestructible iPhone 5 Case by LifeProof

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