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  2. Emily Moss @emilykmoss

    @tripfontain I don't think it's about the person... it's an add for hanging planters

  3. julie @juliangomezm

    I don,t think they,ve thought of bugs falling into your bowl

  4. Emily Moss @emilykmoss

    you obviously know nothing about photography. what does the person have to do with the photo when its advertising planters? that is completely irrelevant. it's called artistic license, stop taking everything so seriously and get a life. there are things more important than this in the world and its not worth your negativity. @tripfontain

  5. Mr.Nakamura @AsianZensation

    omg ko ko, this guy got the fuk knocked lol they are all right man.....its an ad why do they have to have the person be visible. I get confused at what there trying to sale if there are other products on the person, it makes it easier to know what to look at and its different.

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Mini Ceramic Sky Planter

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