The Original WaterMat is the most fun and affordable, multi-person water toy on the market today!

WaterMats are designed to be fun, safe and hassle-free so that owners can enjoy their weekend with the family. Just roll out any WaterMat product on the water in seconds.

The simplest water toy around - requires no inflation, no assembly, no ladder, and has no sharp edges.

Very light weight wet or dry - great for day trips or leave it in the water for a full season of fun!

The WaterMat supports a ton of fun! You can walk on water, run, jump, slip and slide on a WaterMat. You can create your own wild WaterMat games or just hang out leisurely in the sun. Everything is more fun on a WaterMat!

-6'X20' Size when unrolled.

2' thick, 3 ply construction.

50% more buoyancy than the regular WaterMat.

Recommended for all weight sizes.

Total weight capacity 1,800 lbs.

Two installed bungee grommet tethering systems.

One Velcro tie strap.

Blue color

Not designed for towing behind ANY type of watercraft.

Dimensions: 240"L x 72"W x 2"H;

Weight: 47 lbs

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

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$1,245 · The WaterMat

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