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  2. Andrea Giuliani @AGiulians

    USEFUL! The future is here..

  3. Rieanne Ricks @valenne

    I have this in red. It takes really good scans, up to 900dpi (print quality is 300dpi). It takes about 5 seconds to scan something, but if you hesitate or stop in the middle you will have to start over again.

  4. Tame Howard @tamehoward

    I have one of these. it's really easy to use. keep it in my purse so while sitting in Dr.'s office & checking our their magazines, when they call my name, I just take magazine in room with me & instead of not being able 2 finish article, or worse tearing it out 2 read later, I can just pull this out & scan it, in less than a minute. have done the same thing with pictures like from visiting family members. I took a family portrait off the wall and just ran this device down it, right on top of the glass. looked awesome, although if the picture or item is 2 smaller than the device, U have 2 take it out of frame or whatever 2 make it fit. But like I said, usually really easy & finished in under a minute.

  5. Salma @salmamoh

    Tamehoward I like it .

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Wi-Fi Portable Document and Photo Scanner

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