Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees

Written by Peter Cook and Becky Northey, the worlds leading tree shapers. The knowledge contained in this book, is their answer to worldwide demand for Pooktres shaping method.

You will discover a whole new world:

Gives you the ability to live in harmony with trees.

Grow a fantasy entrance to your garden.

Some trees species should not be used. Find out which trees they are and why.

You could waste years trying to find the right tree. This book shows you tests to find good candidates.

If you don't understand the importance of light, you could be staving your plants. Discover the role light plays in your garden and how to make the best use of its energy.

Before you start deciding your trees' future, choose if it is to remain living or be harvested. Different lores apply.

Designing is one of the most troublesome areas for most people. Designing is key to successful shaped trees. This book gives you the fundamentals of designing with tree lore and two step by step projects which demonstrate the principles in action. One is growing a person tree the other is growing a harvested mirror.

Understand why trees react the way they do they are amazing beings.

Learn the unique quality of the shaping zone, the key to balance, understanding trees, how they move and why.

For a harvested piece, learn about seasoning, wood humidity, air humidity, and more. Dry is not dry find out why.

Do you believe grafting is difficult? With this book gain knowledge of when and how to graft. How the cambium becomes a glue of living cells.

Wind is a major destructive force. Find out how to deal with the element of wind.

Have a garden with uniquely shaped trees that delights yourself and visitors.

Grow a legacy for the children of tomorrow.

Enhance your gardening skills by understanding tree lore..

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