There are no buttons on the watch, just three battery indicator lights on the side and a light sensor to automatically adapt the brightness of the screen. Everything will be controlled with taps or slides on the touchscreen. Of course, the name "Slyde" comes from the idea that you slide your fingers over the dial.

SLYDE takes the underlying principle of the smartphone the possibility to change applications by merely sliding a finger over a tactile screen and adapts it to the world of 21st century watchmaking.

Slydes patented bi-axial navigation system shows every form of time:

On the vertical axis, present time offers a variety of watch interfaces for a customized indication of the current time.By tapping or sliding a finger on the screen the wearer selects a display from the range of modules, scrolling froman animated virtual mechanism in 3D to a digital module that can be entirely configured to personal preferences.On the horizontal axis, past and future time can be fully personalized by activating the time elapsed since anoccasion or the countdown of time remaining until an event (using personal pictures and integrated indicators).

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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$5,075 · HD3 Slyde Watch

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