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  1. JP @Jaypiddy

    Well it is almost camping season after all!

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  2. Fast Rob @FastRob

    An amazing piece of equipment. Beautifully rugged exterior. Like the trucks on the Paris-Dakar. Very robust. Inside, however is a master class in interior design. High quality materials and extremely well thought out ergonomics. Two people could probably drive across half of Africa in comfort although they’d probably get in each others’ way after 3 days. One person could happily spend a week in the Unicat though. Extremely well equipped bathroom for its size. The Quad bike storage is a great little bonus. Only concern is weight and therefore fuel economy. Where does the helicopter fit?

  3. Stuart @sah666

    Worth getting an H.G.V licence for.

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UNICAT RV - Individual - EX70-HDQ / MAN TGA 6x6

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