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  2. Diarmaid Kingston @Dekink

    Oh yeah do it tell that time you watch

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  4. Brian Wong @brianwwh

    this is really nice..like it..

  5. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    MINT! A bit of an update on the olde POLARIS styling! Nice! Nice mounting, retro faceplate still but more colorful, sedated office look with a mere bit of flash in tonation & sizing but still a pure CLASSIC memento of a now murky past! And as for price, set for those 'billionaire gentlemen' that still appreciate a bit of the olde with a hint of the 'modern' day. Ladies, U spot a man wearing this grab him! And honey, flirt (coyishly), smile (elegantly), maintain stature (be a bit reserved, polished) and speak gently (no loudmouthing) but most of all don't let him get away from you! WHY? Simply because he is a 'RARE' find of a man in todays world of men, most likely. Aged, wise-er, loves to have 'real' fun while mixing work into the day, and knows just how to treat & delight a 'Lady' with charm & more! Ahem!

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Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox 1968 Tribute to Polaris

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