1. Akwasi Asabere @CoolKwaz

    An easy to use iOS app that lets you “nüdify” any image

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  2. Connie Rizzo-Turpin @conrizturp

    Just found this as a "featured/free app". oh the fun that can be had with this........sense of humor required.....

  3. Connie Rizzo-Turpin @conrizturp

    heidi_wedderburn you can download it here. But to be honest I find the apple App Store is less forgiving in their search option than Google Play. I end up have to do a web search and than have it direct me to the right place in the App Store. For instance, I typed in "fancy" and it said that it wasn't there. This proved true with many others that I searched the correct name on.

  4. Gentry Waits @gwaits

    Ha just downloaded it, it works great.

  5. cammy @CammyPinzon


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Nüdifier iOS App

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