Cooking platters of crispy fried chicken, egg rolls, doughnuts and French fries has never been easier, even for beginners, thanks to the incredible convenience and capacity of this innovative deep fryer.

Perfect for family meals, it's simple and safe to use.

Patented Krups technology flows air through a carbon filter to significantly minimize frying odors.

Powerful heating element brings oil up to temperature quickly and recovers rapidly after foods are added.

Holds 4 3/4-qt. of oil and cooks over 2 lb. of food.

Dial adjusts temperature settings from 300F to 375F; displays in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

LED lights up when oil reaches proper temperature.

30-minute dial timer.

Cool-touch tempered-glass lid locks down to seal in odors and won't fog.

Stay-cool handles and control panel.

Detachable power cord.

Includes a fry basket.

Brushed-stainless-steel finish.

Please allow two weeks for shipping

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$350 · Krups High Performance Deep Fryer

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