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  2. Lenny Anderson @cumturd

    looks like they stole them off a bum. how much with out the shitty paint job? seriously if I saw someone wearing these I'd give them my spare change. awful! wonder how much they would be covered in cow shit.

  3. Michael Jung @mikejungle

    yeah, they probably weren't hand painted crappily in silver. this is the stupidest shit ever

  4. Piero @tridee

    It's all about difference between mainstrem and avanguarde. MMM re-invent fashion from his foundations with a fresh style. That's it. If you can't understand it that's not a problem, they have a lot of fans all over the world, I'm sure they wouldn't make a tragedy of this.

  5. Lucas @lucascrvalho

    i really don't like this.

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Hand Painted Low Top Sneakers by Maison Martin Margiela

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