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  1. Seema Hamid @simseema

    When it comes to sleek and stylish shades, it doesn't get any better than tried and true Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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  2. Fast Rob @FastRob

    Broke a pair of Ray Bans today. In my knee pocket as I lay down. Folding ones would have saved me a lot of heartache. The case looks quite cool too. Quality. Only Wayfarers?

  3. Mary Meigs Jackson @mmjackson1

    I have these & every time I fold them, people think I'm breaking my sunglasses.

  4. Bracey @Brekita

    Have them, Love them

  5. Matthew Hardeman @TwoChevrons

    Have them. Also love them.

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Ray-Ban brown plastic 'Folding Wayfarer' sunglasses

Fancy 569
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