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  2. Esthela Tapia @esthelats

    I'm tossing coins at the screen and nothing happens

  3. Gloria Gardoni @suiglory

    @theheartdirector. Hi, I bought the cards more than a month ago but I never arrive. Why??

  4. David Vasquez @davidvasquez

    @suiglory I also bought these on Dec 15 (2012) as a Christmas gift for a friend. It's now Jan 15th (2013), and it looks like FedEx says it should finally be delivered tomorrow... January 16th. So yeah... took a month and 1 day from order to arrival. If timeliness is important when ordering these – look elsewhere! This is my first experience buying something from TheFancy. I hope this is unique only to this vendor and not the site as a whole!

  5. Hugo Picazo @hugopicazo

    I bought these a while back, but through a different website. They arrived quickly. They are so beautiful. :')

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Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

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